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Storage cells gas

Storage cells VgH of Vaillant specially are designed to produce and to accumulate sanitary hot water of a comfortable and effective form. Available in three versions:

VGH 140/6 XZ
VGH 170/6 XZ
VGH 200/6 XZ



Able simultaneamente to feed several takings on water giving a comfortable and effective solution for the hot water provision in great houses, unifamiliares villas, sport, industrial and commercial facilities.

These storage cells are direct, work independently of the system of heating without needing no electrical connection.

Indirect storage cells

Everything a Hot Water World

The ample range of storage cells of Vaillant, is ideal for houses with more of a bathroom and several water takings with simultaneous operations. Along with the Vaillant boilers provide great sanitary hot water volumes and the ideal comfort for the heating. They have a great power of interchange and discharge energy efficiency taking care of the highest hot water necessities.



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