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The new range of electricos thermus Saunier Duval guarantees the hot water production according to the necessities of the modern homes. Range incorporates resistance from 1. 200 up to 3. 200 W, capacities from 15 to 300 liters, and appear in two versions differentiated segun the type from electrica resistance that incorporate: - series SDN with armored resistance. - series SDC with envainada resistance of esteatita and luminous witness who informs into the state of the anode.

They can be installed in vertical, horizontal position and on the ground (segun models), they have I practice anchorage system and its maintenance is extremely simple. They are robust and lasting, since they have layer of enamel protection with high vitrified quartz content to 900?C and deicing automatica protection by means of electrica resistance. Ademas, is very interesting from the economico point of view thanks to its great heat insulation from to 50 mm, that it avoids lost of heat and it reduces the electrico consumption consequently.



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