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Rock is well-known mainly by its Toilets; and it is not by chance.

Starting off of the technology developed in Radiators of Smelting, Roca knew to take advantage of its experience to produce the first Bathtubs and had the capacity to undertake the Sanitary Porcelain manufacture anticipating itself, at its moment, to the growth of the market of the construction.


The Sanitary Porcelain Roca is the suitable material for the hygiene functions and personal cleanliness.

The Sanitary Porcelain Roca is commercialized in an ample range of finished colors and, with which it is possible to equip his bathroom with a complete Series of apparatuses or to combine the toilet and the bidet with one of the Washbasins of sobrefurniture, to interlock or of top.

With extensive range Rock, always it is possible to adapt the bathroom to the taste and aesthetic individual.

Between in a universe of relax and it discovers the comfortable Bathtubs and the systems of Hidromasaje Roca.


Roca has two systems different from Hidromasaje (water massage and massage of air and water). And of an amplest range of Bathtubs - with or without Hidromasaje- acrylic, of fused iron or steel; of dimensions, forms and colors for all the pleasures.

Mini swimming pools is the exponent of maximum comfort in the Hidromasaje and the bath.

If it has suitable space, Rock has Mini swimming pools with capacity stops up to seven people.

Even imagine what can be to take a bath or a relajante session from Hidromasaje in one of them, in its bathroom or in the porch or the garden.

With sauna, massage, skillful and different infinity of combinations and functions.


The Hidrosaunas Rock is equipped the necessary thing yet to enjoy much more that a simple skillful bath or. With a Hidrosauna it will have an authentic bath in his own house, every day.

As much the Hidrosaunas as the Columns of hidromasaje Rock is thought for those who knows to dedicate something of their daily time in taking care of of if same and improving their quality of life.

To prove a Hidrosauna Rock is to change the concept of relax.

With the purpose of satisfying all the tastes and necessities, Rock offers the most extensive acrylic Plate range of shower and porcelain.

In all the formats, to be able to adapt perfectly to the precise conditions of functionality and the space available.

And in all the colors, to integrate itself suitably to any style of decoration, next to the rest of elements of the bathroom.

The Roca Plates skillful present/display, in all their models, a useful nonskid bottom.



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