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Grifería Emebra 160 €
Grifo batería, baño termostatico, lavabo monomando, bidet monomando.

Montaje de grifería incluido



C 11- EO Without pilot 272,00 Euros
C 11- O With pilot 204,00 Euros
Both models of outer Mural.

Saunier Duval
renews its range of heaters of water to gas with series OPALIA, designed apparatuses to obtain the best benefits, the way of simpler use and, of course, a total security. Destined to satisfy the necessities with each user, new series OPALIA has been conceived on the basis of as precise criteria as:

Stability of the temperature.

Minimums of great volume of operation.

Fast and simple installation.

Safe and trustworthy operation.

Simplified gas change.

Ample range.



030 litros Euros
050 litros Euros
080 litros Euros
100 litros Euros
Electrical thermus SAUNIER DUVAL  



  180,60 Euros

Maneral extraíble a dos chorros
Cartucho con topes regulables de caudal y temperatura
Caño fundido giratorio


Gas installation butane or natural gas with Government reporter (2 apparatuses and welded to 19% of silver).
120 Euros (20.000 Ptas)
Certificate of gas Revision (gas thermus, plate) for gas butane or natural gas.
30 Euros (5.000 Ptas)
Gas installation butane or natural gas with Government reporter (1 apparatus and welded to 19% of silver).
80 Euros (13.000 Ptas)


(Work and Materials go annexed to the Bulletin of the quartering company)
"Desplazament to Benámadena and Torremolinos Free"

The mode of payment of these supplies is CASH.

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