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Discover the new range

¡Choose a heater to its measurement!

Apparatuses with and without pilot, with ignition by torrent of sparks, battery or hydrodynamic generator and with litrajes from 11 to 18 l/min. (valid for two simultaneous showers), of Junkers, offers greater range with the common denominator of a reduced size.


New heaters of Junkers


Reduced dimensions: until a 27% of volume reduction. Models of 11, 14 and 18 l/min. Technology POWERCONTROL. Modulation of power to maintain stable, independent the temperature of the volume.

Heaters with electronic ignition of the pilot
Heaters without pilot with electronic ignition and security by ionization, fed by batteries.
Heaters of watertight combustion chamber with forced shot  

The new range




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