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Quartering authorized Gas company nº29/256
Authorized Gas installer nº 29/540


We made all class of facilities:

  • Communitarian facilities
  • Individual buildings

Also we made complete revisions with certifications.


Between the power plants, the natural gas is characterized by its efficiency, cleaning and competitiveness. The natural gas is also a versatile energy, that can be used so much in the home as in the commerce and the industry. In the home, the natural gas warms up quickly, it does not need previous storage and it is the fuel that less contaminates. The commerce and the industry benefit from the quality of the flame of the natural gas, a regular flame and without impurities.

The natural gas can be used in the homes to cook, to wash and to dry, and to obtain hot water, heating and air conditioning. And in the garden, the natural gas allows to cook in barbecues and to warm up patios and terraces. In the kitchen, the vitrocerámicas are, at the present time, the most modern equipment of baking. To its cleaning and comfort the economy of the natural gas is added.

Natural Gas



Collaborator of packaged gas

An affluent work done, a satisfied client.

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