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Industrial Electricity

Be as it is his type of company or industry, has our specialists. Of the principle in the end, from the installation to the maintenance, always it will have necessary the technical support and the guarantee of a made affluent work. Enchúfese to the best service

Domestic electricity

The Service Home is thought to provide to the individual any electrical equipment that needs. Electrical facilities in general, video-doormen, doormen, antennas TV, thermostats, heaters, etc.

Repairs in general

To detect failures, to correct errors, to renew and to optimize old facilities, or to adapt systems to new necessities, are some of the services that we can offer to him. It does not doubt to trust all its electrical repairs to us.

We presented/displayed photografic of all the material replaced next to the invoice. We offer one garantia of up to 5 years. We made maintenances of these facilities.

An affluent work done, a satisfied client.

© Ignacio Manuel Gómez Sánchez